Balls to the Wall

Trump is an idiot. A BIG fucking idiot. His idiot followers who spent 23 MILLION DOLLARS on building a border wall through a Go-Fund-Me campaign are ALSO idiots. 
But you know what? At least THOSE idiots spent 23 MILLION dollars on a stupid little wall on private land in the middle of NOWHERE & wasted their cash. 
They COULD have spent it on fighting against gay marriage (that’s a really stupid thing they do). They COULD have spent it against women’s reproductive rights (that’s another stupid thing they do), They could have spent it on snacks (smarter). Thank you, GOD, that they wasted 23 million bucks on a stupid little garden fence. 
Thank you, GOD, for making some idiots waste money on bullshit! 
YOU are great indeed!
I’ve never been happier to see 23 million dollars thrown into the trash. Thank you, Trump, for taking all that money away from anything that matters.
This idiotic little TRUMP WALL “joy” is actually a success of private funding ruining the private funders.

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