Tube Tats Removable Bike Decals!

Let me introduce you to Tube Tats, a project that Mara and I have been working on for a while now. Tube Tats are quirky, removable bike decals– an inexpensive new way to fancy up your old bike. The first six design-sets are being released through Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform that gives everyday people a chance to back interesting projects without having to be a venture capitalist.

Tube Tats bike decals are waterproof, fadeproof, and easy to remove and reuse. Change your bike as easily as you change your clothes.

Our donors can choose a reward level to receive a set (or multiple sets…) of our Tube Tats bike decals as our “thank you” for your pledge. And if you don’t have a bike, or like yours the way it is, Tube Tats also work great as Phone Tats, Laptop Tats, Fridge Tats, etc.

Hey, watch this video we made that explains the project in detail:

Visit our Tube Tats Kickstarter page to learn more about our project. Help spread to word by sharing our Kickstarter page to your Facebook or Twitter friends in case it floats their boat. Thanks!

Bloggers who’d like to write about this project can find our press release here, as well as images to use for your post.

Tube Tats Bike Decals

Tube Tats bike decals

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