Day of the Dingo

Day of the Dingo

Hey, look everybody, I wrote a play!

A baby was supposed to be stolen by Rumplestiltskin and taken to a land of ogres, trolls, and wicked witches. When that falls through, he finds himself being raised in a world populated with family, teachers, and priests… will he ever find his way home?

You have 4 chances to see it in March: Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th, Friday the 25th & Saturday the 26th. It starts at 10:30pm at the Ballard Underground, 2220 MW Market. Just 5 measly bucks, and there’s a full bar at the theatre. Sweet!

Featuring the work of: Dannielle Daggerty, Sam Duchin, Duygu Erdogan, Chelan Finney, Matthew Gilbert, Brenan Grant, Matt Kay, Nick Mathews, Ben Newton & David van Wert.

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