Built To Spill at the Pyramid Alehouse

Tonight (well, last night at this point) I ran the light board for Built to Spill’s concert in a tent out back of the Pyramid Alehouse in SODO (south downtown) Seattle.

This was the coolest rock-show light-board gig to fall into my lap since running the board for Tool at the (gone, sadly) Avalon in Chicago back in ‘92. I also ran the Avalon board for a little group called Pearl Jam that same year. Everybody at the Avalon was really excited about this Pearl Jam combo. I thought, “Yeah, they were okay…” But I didn’t get really excited about anyone we hosted there until Tool. Though Tool has a pretty solid following, and I prefer them to this day, this little story is a lovely example of how David can’t see a sure winner when it plays “Jeremy” right in front of him.

Oh well. Built To Spill was a great show, Tool was a great show, and Pearl Jam have done okay for themselves… so everyone wins.

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