The Da Vinci Code

I read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code a couple of years ago and found it a fun book. The characters are types, the prose is pedestrian, but I likes me a good conspiracy theory. Admittedly, there’s nothing orignal about the conspiracy. I’d read this theory long ago, partially in The Illuminatus! Trilogy, as well as elsewhere. But as entertaining fluff goes, it was fluffy and entertained me. I was a bit surprised, though, that the NYT Bestseller™ hadn’t provoked more knee-jerk zealotry than it did. I even hunted around at the time but found only a handful of articles, and those articles were fairly reasoned in their rebuttals of the conspiracy in Brown’s novel.

But now that the release of the film is imminent, knees are starting to jerk. Some religious leaders have even called for the film to be banned under the proposition that “other religions don’t permit blasphemy, why should we?” The horrifying nature of that argument aside, the fact that it was engendered by the film leads me to the conclusion that Christian zealots don’t read much.

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