Congrats, Stephen F. Austin!

Congrats to my undergrad school, Stephen F. Austin, for making the NCAA tournament as a 12th seed this year! You could be the next VCU—they went to the Final Four in 2011! All you gotta do is… beat VCU in the first round… shit.

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Sitcom Pitch

Separated at birth, two brothers follow different paths. One becomes a stand-up comedian, the other an astrophysicist. When they finally meet as adults and decide to become roommates, hilarity ensues! Sinbad & Neil Degrasse Tyson in “It Ain’t Rocket Science! (Oh wait, Yes It Is…)”
(Not 100% sold on the title. Suggestions welcomed.)

neil degrasse tyson sinbad

Help me out here, Hollywood! This is pure gold!

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True Detective Spoilers!

Warning: Spoilers!
Whoa! Can’t believe the ending to True Detective! Walter White beheads Ned Starck who, it turns out, killed Laura Palmer– his own daughter! And then Diane leaves Frasier at the altar, and Frasier becomes a radio host in Seattle! WTF?! Did NOT see this coming at all.

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Logo Design for GLM Properties

Mara & I recently had the opportunity to design the branding for GLM Properties, a management company in Spokane, WA.


In addition to this logo, we designed and provided business cards, as well a style guide for further usage in GLM’s digital and print materials.

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Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony

And with the flinging of the Olympic torch onto an enormous pile of kerosene soaked tires, the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi have officially begun!

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